One Year On – What Corporate Responsibility Means to Us

This time last year I recorded some of my colleagues saying a few words about what CR means to them.  We have had some new faces on the team since then and there were many people I didn’t get to last time, so I thought it was time for an update. I took advantage of a trip to London in March and filmed a few more colleagues with my little Flip camera.

I provided no guidance or speaking points.  Just asked people to talk about what captured their interest in the field.  You will hear a reflection on the classic Brundtland definition, you will hear people mention their family and the legacy they want to leave, and, of course, you will hear about everything from community investment and digital inclusion to environment and volunteering.

Listen out for one comment that really grabbed my imagination “I want to be a good ancestor”.

It is this rich array of issues, together with the connection to personal values that makes the field so appealing for me. I hope you enjoy hearing these few short perspectives and that they give you some insights into the people at BT working on CR and sustainability.

My apologies to all the participants. I had to be draconian with editing to keep the video short.  You all said so much more and I didn’t want to cut anything, but attention spans and work pressures being what they are these days….

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