Making the Commitment: Horses for Courses

Here are some closing thoughts on this series of posts from my BT colleagues in the USA who have in incorporated renewable energy into their home life.

Everyone has made a significant commitment (and all leave me feeling that I need to do more!), but what is most notable is that the commitments are different. In my mind, and knowing some of the individuals, the different approaches suit their particular interests and passions.

Joe and Robert have made significant up front financial commitments to be amongst the first people (in the grand scheme of things) to have installed solar PV systems at home. They both have analytical backgrounds and so of course both did a comprehensive analysis of the payback of their systems before proceeding.

Philippe has also made a significant financial commitment, but perhaps more importantly, he is at cutting edge of EV use, with a next generation EV.  Philippe is in a strategy role and has to look to the future and make informed decisions that necessarily involve a component of risk. He is one of the first movers, who will prove out the concept and show the rest of us that the benefits well outweigh any disadvantages.

Paul is an engineer and not surprisingly to me, wanted to be intimately involved in his system.  He piloted personally designed and oversaw the construction of his solar system. Maybe it is because I know Paul, but reading his words I can see him relishing the problem solving and also feel the fulfillment he would gain from a finished system he designed himself.

Doug wanted a hands-on experience.  I have seen Doug with his vehicle and in lifting the hood and showing me the engine, his enthusiasm was evident.   Doug has pursued a project that while less costly in financial terms is a considerable investment in hands-on time and energy (excuse the pun). I doubt he gets elbow deep in cooking oil, but I suspect he wouldn’t shy from it if he had to!

It’s horses for courses, but I am confident that the activities of every person in this series will be recognized in the future as being part of the vanguard of people that set the path that the rest of us followed.


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