ICT to Help the Environment: Capital Bikeshare Video

ICT services impact our every day lives from how we work, to how we travel to how we make purchasing decisions for our daily needs. In this video series, I examine all of these elements from inside executive offices, to transportation systems, inside grocery stores and even in my own home.

In this second episode, I explore the Washington D.C. Capital Bikeshare program and examine how sustainable travel can be user friendly and available to the community at large. The program makes available over 1100 bicycles across 110 stations to anyone in the D.C. Metro Area. Similar programs are run across the United States and in the UK.

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  2. Simon Teale 10:35 am on September 28, 2011

    Thanks Kevin, As you know, in your past home in London we have had a similar bike hire system in place for just over a year (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barclays_Cycle_Hire) and I am a big fan of it when I have to descend into London for a meeting. Aside from the other advantages, there is a great buzz to be had when you go into a meeting after having taken some mild exercise and the bikes are designed to protect your suit and briefcase from harm. But you are quite right to highlight the app for finding out where the bikes and return spaces are. We are used to spontaneity in our travel choices and the ability of apps to provide integrated and real-time access to routes, options, fares, discounts and payments is making a big change to my ability to chose efficient and green travel options. Our politicians spent most of our lifetime splitting up the UK transport industry, but IT is now helping to integrate the options once again.

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