Digital Inclusion – A Community Investment Partnership With One Economy

I write often about the importance of embedding CR principles into the way we operate our businesses. But when it comes to philanthropy, I like to say that how we make our money is much more important than how we give it away.  But community investment can be one of the bread and butter tools of CR, if we can find ways to align our community investment with our business imperatives and make it engaging for employees.

In the partnership with One Economy that I describe on this video, BT tries to do that in the USA;  it is focused on helping promote digital inclusion (at the heart of BT’s social and business interest);  it engages the community;  it engages employees through volunteering opportunities;  it leverages the knowledge of our employees and our facilities; it develops potential future employees.

The video was made for an internal audience, but I thought that it might be of interest externally as long as you excuse the lack of professional touch and the usual formalities of an external communication!

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  2. Craig Krivin 12:15 pm on May 29, 2011

    I'm impressed with BT's commitment to Corporate Responsibility and I find the One Economy program to be a great opportunity for the IT community to leverage its unique skills and help others. One Economy is also producing the PIC.TV web portal (Public Internet Channel) which has blogs, videos and self help articles on subjects ranging from Bullying, coping with Diabetes to being a single Mom. Well worth the read... check it out!

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