CSR: Are You Running an Old Release?

CSR: Are You Running an Old Release?

A couple of weeks back I wrote a post on the three stage journey of corporate responsibility.   We are in the midst of the holidays when make believe is at the fore. I thought I would try my hand at a make believe all in one software package for all three stages of the journey,  that would ease the lives of us practitioners. Angel investors sought for release 3.5.  Software vendors feel free to tout your wares in a comment!

Release 1.0 –Give it Away Responsibly: For proponents of the traditional mode of corporate responsibility our first release provides state of the art management of the company’s philanthropy, community investment and volunteering. A full suite of reports are provided on applications for funding, grants provided, employees engaged etc.

Note: Alpha and Beta releases are no longer supported and should have been uninstalled.  Bugs resulted in recommendations for charitable giving that unintentionally reflected the personal value sets and causes of company executives . All these bugs were fixed in Release 1.0.

Release 1.1 – Added impact assessment, allowing user to track the impact of community investment initiatives of all types. Provides reports on value of philanthropic cost by impact.

Release 1.5 – A significant new functionality allowing the implementation of strategic philanthropy. The application analyses your markets, employee needs, products and core capabilities and favors causes and grant applications that are aligned with core business objectives and competencies.

Release 2.0 – Spending Responsibly:  Purchasers will receive all the features of release 1.0 plus a completely new application for applying corporate responsibility principles to all the situations in which a company spends its money. This includes a full suite of environmental management capability, carbon emissions, resource usage.  All tracking and management is available at the product and at the site level. Also covers HR concerns for the operation of the business, such as diversity, wellbeing, work life balance, ethics and corruption. The reporting suite produces an annual report aligned with multiple publicly available reporting structures such as GRI, UN Global Compact, CDP, ISO 14001.

Release 2.1 – Adds the additional capability to apply the company’s core values to suppliers.    Provides questionnaires, risk assessments, scoring system etc, all aligned with company values to help ensure your suppliers follow the same principles you do

Release 3.0 – Make Money Responsibly: Available now, but only recommended for the professional user. The capabilities of release 3.0 are encapsulated by the concept of Creating Shared Value (CSV).   This package will help you identify opportunities to make money at the intersection of profit and positive value to society or environment. It operates by analyzing the financial, societal and environmental implications of an investment and prioritizing those with double or triple bottom line benefits. The application conveniently ranks potential investments based on a combination of financial, social and environmental criteria. The user has unlimited flexibility to set the weightings for each theme, to reflect company values.

Release 3.5 –  Is in development. Release 3.5 will highlight those products and services in a company’s portfolio that are profitable but have a net negative societal or environmental impact.  Sadly at the moment we have been unable to find investment funding to complete the development.   Angel investors sought – past financial performance no indication of future returns, but peace of mind guaranteed.

Operating system requirements:  All releases require appropriately experienced and courageous users plus supportive top down and bottom up operating systems.


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