BT Recognized by Newsweek and Computerworld as Green IT Business Leader

The leaves might be turning orange, but for BT this autumn has been all about green.  In the last month BT has been recognized by two major news organizations for their commitment to ‘green’ business practices.

The Newsweek/Daily Beast report ranked companies on their overall commitment to green business practices.  BT was the highest ranked ICT provider in 6th place and recognized for its commitment to setting sustainability goals and meeting them consistently, for funding alternative energy sources, and for being the Sustainability Partner for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Since I wrote about it last, Newsweek has made some significant changes to their rankings methodology that in my view improves the program. Most importantly the program is both more objective and also more transparent.  I addition, it now includes the Fortune 500, where last year it only covered the Fortune 100. This means BT is included in the ranking now, which it turns out, is great news for us!

Meanwhile, Computerworld 2011 Top Green-IT Vendors’ report ranked global corporations on how their IT departments’ are using technology to lower overall energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprint.  BT ranked a commendable 8th place with the likes of Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft also making it in to the Top 10.

While these commendations are certainly gratifying, we know that we still have a long way to go in our sustainability journey as an organization.  As ICT evolves we have more options for helping our customers with programs such as teleworking, transport and logistics efficiency, and buildings energy management. But technology uses energy too, and we’re continually striving to find the optimal balance.  And then there are topics of broader resource and of societal sustainability in, developed economies and in emerging markets, such as Brazil and India; how can we enable sustainable business practices ahead of the curve?

These are the questions that I enjoy exploring on CSR Perspectives and as part of BT’s CSR team.  What do you see as the most pressing sustainability issues for global corporations?  Drop me a line, or let me know in the comments.

10 November 2011 postscript;  Thrilled that BT was today announced as a recipient of a 2011 Supply & Demand Chain Executive Green Supply Chain Awards which “honor companies that are working to achieve measurable sustainability goals within their own operations and/or supply chains in the areas of sourcing/procurement, fulfillment/logistics, operations, product lifecycle management, and other areas of the supply chain.”

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