When is It Right to Cut Off Social Media and Telecoms?

Many years ago, before I ever knew what CSR was, I had a task to identify phone numbers in another country that were being used to carry pornographic services.  Bear with me on this!

Due to a peculiarity of the payment system for international calls at that time, a small foreign nation stood to gain a lot of money from such calls. By chance, the particular combination of international access code and country dialing code looked, to the uninitiated, like a London phone number. Cards with these numbers on them were being distributed to teenage boys in the UK, outside the gates …

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Transparency, Accountability and Why I Blog

I have been struggling to write blog posts in recent weeks and have dropped from an average of two posts a week down to one. I have just as much to say but I am part of the team compiling our annual sustainability report this year. That has required a fair amount of research, planning, debating and drafting. At the end of that I haven’t had as much energy left for writing blog posts.

I thought it would help to remind myself of why I do this.  I reach nearly 3,000 readers each month. These readers seem to find my posts …

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When Transparency Becomes Counterproductive

Attending a customer’s sustainability stakeholder meeting; considering stakeholder input for BT’s sustainability report for next year; looking at reports from analysts, at rankings and at indices….I sense an overemphasis on data points in the name of transparency.

Many indices and rankings compete on who has the most data points. Do you have a climate change policy? yes=1, no=0.  What if I have a policy but my policy is that climate change is not man-made, how are you going to score that?

Lets add an additional data point to make our study more comprehensive.  Do you have a policy on whaling? yes=1, …

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