The Yahoo! Telework Brouhaha: Are We Getting All We Need From Remote Working?

I am sure everyone has seen the media coverage around Yahoo’s requirement that workers come into the office.   I read somewhere a compelling piece that telework is proven good for productivity, but coming into the office is better for collaboration and innovation and innovation is what Yahoo needs to focus on right now.

Surely there is a half way house.  Companies need both innovation and productivity. Furthermore, different roles require different amounts of each.   Seems to me there would be a way to have employees come into the office some of the time, on common days to allow for collaboration …

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ICT in the Environment: Telework

ICT services impact our every day lives from how we work, to how we travel to how we make purchasing decisions for our daily needs. In this video series, I examine all of these elements from inside executive offices, to transportation systems, inside grocery stores and even in my own home.

In this third episode, I explore how ICT enables telework to help organizations lower its carbon footprint, support work-life balance and reduce real estate expenses.

There is a very valid question of whether telecommuting simply shifts the carbon burden from the office to the home. …

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On Traffic Jams, Telework, and Taxes: October 31st Deadline to Apply for Telework Tax Credit Deadline

Last month it became official: the Washington DC metropolitan region has the worst traffic in the country.  The Texas A&M study confirmed what all of us who live here know, that trying to get anywhere during ‘rush hour’ will make you lose days of your life.  In fact, the study estimates that a typical commuter will spend three days a year sitting in traffic.  And traffic is so bad in the region that even our bike paths experience gridlock too!

While many businesses in the region are strong proponents of telework and pioneers in the technology that makes it possible, …

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ICT to Help the Environment: Video Series

I occasionally comment on examples of Information Communications Technology  (ICT)  services benefiting the environment. In fact this intersection was my original inspiration for CSRPerspective and formed the material for some of my first posts.

As I look around the community, I realized that there are many ways that ICT services impact our every day lives.  So, I’ve embarked on a video journey.  This journey takes us from inside executive offices, to transportation systems, inside grocery stores and even in my own home.

Everywhere we go, there are examples of how IT and communications are working to benefit the environment.…

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Guest Post: Declining Va Va Voom

By Steve Gillies, Head of Agile Working, BT

Our  love affair with cars may be coming to an end. A number of statistics indicate that car use per person has reached saturation point and, in some areas, is on the decline. Professor Phil Goodwin of the University of the West of England calls this phenomenon “peak car”.

Goodwin is not alone in his belief. David Metz, former chief scientist at the Department for Transport, wrote a letter to Local Transport Today, saying we reached peak car “at least 15 years ago, when none of us noticed”.

At this stage, no …

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