Making the Commitment: Horses for Courses

Here are some closing thoughts on this series of posts from my BT colleagues in the USA who have in incorporated renewable energy into their home life.

Everyone has made a significant commitment (and all leave me feeling that I need to do more!), but what is most notable is that the commitments are different. In my mind, and knowing some of the individuals, the different approaches suit their particular interests and passions.

Joe and Robert have made significant up front financial commitments to be amongst the first people (in the grand scheme of things) to have installed solar PV …

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Raising our Expectations of the Business Case for Solar

I have been involved in a couple of discussions recently about solar photovoltaic (PV) and how the business case can be improved. The business case works in some locations, but in many it doesn’t.

In these discussions, we talk about taking a percentage point off the costs here and there, and whether thin film technology might cost less.  Once you have a solar installation you don’t have the carbon reductions unless you buy the renewable energy certificates (RECs). So we also talk about the price and validity of RECs.

It seems to me that we are setting our sights too …

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