Celebrate Interdependence on Independence Day

As a dual citizen, UK/USA, I am always slightly torn on Independence Day.  Some of my US friends tell me tongue in cheek they call it Good Riddance Day! But given the ongoing relationship between the UK and the USA and the extent to which the citizens of both countries seem to aspire to each other’s ways of life in so many respects, I think it should be renamed Interdependence Day.  And for more reasons than the relationship between the US and the UK.

In my review of Paul Gilding’s book The Great Disruption I mention his reference to the …

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Book Review: The Great Disruption

I finished reading The Great Disruption by Paul Gilding recently. I heard Paul speak to a small audience at the World Resources Institute (WRI) in DC and from the moment he started I was drawn in.

I found the premise compelling, albeit challenging from a societal and environmental perspective. The book though is an accessible read.  But will the book be a relic of another well meaning but misinformed theory, or does it represent one of the voices we are going to wish we had listened to?

Paul actually addresses that question from the get go. He accepts people are not …

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