Guest Post: A Marketer’s Perspective on CSR

Neil Blakesley is a long time colleague and VP of Marketing at BT Global Services.  He was also an early supporter of my foray into social media three years ago – not something all VP’s of Marketing are comfortable with even now!  Neil recently recorded a short video interview for Shama Kabani for her Dallas TV spot “Socially Sound with Shama.”.   I spoke to him over the phone afterwards and asked him to expand on his thoughts on CSR from a marketer’s perspective for this guest post.

Well to be honest, Kevin, I could have spoken on the interview for another …

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Guest Post: Kim McMann, President BT US & Canada – CSR Is Good For Business

Kim McMann joined BT as President of both the US and Canada region and our newly formed Consumer Packaged Goods vertical in November 2010. In this blog post she shares some thoughts about how she is approaching CSR in her role.

I joined BT because of our leadership in providing networked IT services globally, in an exciting market that is growing and changing rapidly – not to mention our strong portfolio of offerings and a leadership team that is committed to service excellence.   But I was also proud to join a company with such a strong CSR and sustainability reputation …

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Q&A with Co-Founder of One Economy

As many of my readers know, BT has formed a strategic community investment partnership with One Economy with a focus on digital inclusion in the community.  I have  written and posted about this partnership on several occasions.  In March of this year, One Economy launched the Net Connectors platform, which is one of the outcomes of our collaboration.  Shortly following the launch of the platform, in August they announced a video challenge competition.  I took the opportunity to sit down with one of the co-founders of One Economy, David Saunier to discuss our partnership and the competition.

Q: David,

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Digital Inclusion – A Community Investment Partnership With One Economy

I write often about the importance of embedding CR principles into the way we operate our businesses. But when it comes to philanthropy, I like to say that how we make our money is much more important than how we give it away.  But community investment can be one of the bread and butter tools of CR, if we can find ways to align our community investment with our business imperatives and make it engaging for employees.

In the partnership with One Economy that I describe on this video, BT tries to do that in the USA;  it is focused …

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Quite a Scheme

This post was originally published on BT Inside Out blog.

‘Two nations separated by a common language’ (George Bernard Shaw).  I frequently hear that quoted in reference to the British/American divide. As a dual citizen who has spent more than half my working life here, I see both similarities and differences all the time. And I think we can learn from both.

BT recently launched a program that allocates a proportion of our community investment resources to partnerships outside of the UK.

In the US we have settled on a partnership with One Economy.

One Economy is focused on …

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