Seeing Beyond the Obvious

I believe that compromise is more than just conceding on one thing we want in order to have something else we desire, but that it actually reflects the reality that we need to carefully balance perspectives to reach the optimum solution.

We tend to think that the best way to conserve wildlife stocks is to limit their use. But on NPR’s  Kojo Nnamdi show,  The Bounty of the Chesapeake Bay,  guests Steve Vilnit of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Mark Bryer of Nature Conservancy made a strong case for what initially seems counterintuitive; that encouraging local chefs …

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Beyond Compliance or Meddling In Government’s Role?

The response from corporations to WikiLeaks raises important questions about the boundaries of corporate responsibility. In many ways in refraining from accepting WikiLeaks related financial transactions, companies like MasterCard and PayPal have had a more immediate impact on WikiLeaks than government is able to have.

I define corporate responsibility as ‘beyond compliance’ and that is where I try to spend most of my time. But I also realize that there are limits to how far that approach can be applied. The challenge for a company is identifying the boundary between appropriate action ‘beyond compliance’ and inappropriate meddling in the government’s role.…

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