Certainty from Leaders – Good for Sustainability?

I recently attended a presentation given by a senior executive from a large, prominent and successful company. He was talking about human rights issues and, as I would expect from a senior executive, knew his material well and presented his company’s conclusions in a compelling way and with absolute certainty that they were correct.

I heard an interviewer on CNN last week ask a White House spokesperson if the President was still 100% confident that nuclear was the right way to go. The spokesperson wisely avoided answering the specific question but the question was a strong indicator of what is …

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Questioning my own motives

I am little the wiser listening to the conflicting analyses of the nuclear power station situation in Japan’s earthquake zone. One expert commentator leaves me feeling chilled to the bone that we were on the edge of a tragedy. Another commentator explains how this is nothing even close to a Chernobyl situation and we should be reassured by the successful layers of backup that have enabled us to stay well clear of a disaster  in the face of an earthquake followed by a tsunami.

Which to believe?

Like climate change, I cannot be an expert in these deeply complex …

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