Should We Connect People or Things?

I know I said I was going to go on vacation and not write new posts for the next couple of weeks, but as with all well thought out plans…I got inspired on my last day before vacation.

“Connected society” and “the internet of things” are terms that we use more and more frequently. But what could they mean for sustainability and building a better future for consumers ?



Connected Society

There is certainly the possibility to achieve improved sustainability through person to machine interfaces;  how we employ ICT technologies to enable conscientious, environmentally collaborative relationships between people …

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Can ICT Help Society Address Non-Communicable Diseases?

Yesterday and today, a high level meeting of the UNs 65th session in NY addressed the issue of non-communicable or lifestyle diseases. Articles about these issues appeared in an Financial Times editorial yesterday and a full page in the Washington Post Health section today.

These non-communicable diseases; cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory disease and diabetes alone account for more than half of the globes nearly 60M deaths each year. In most regions of the world that is more than HIV and malaria combined.

The four biggest causes of these deaths are tobacco use, harmful alcohol use, unhealthy diet and …

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