U.S. Navy’s Green Strike Group

I just came across a blog post in Defense News from Adam Siegel. I know Adam from when we worked together on the Energy and Environment Committee of the British American Business Association in DC.  Adam is a director in the Economic Consulting business segment of FTI Consulting and focuses on energy security, profitability and sustainability.

In his blog post, he examines how the U.S. Navy is incorporating energy-smart practices for greater tactical and strategic effectiveness.

My approach to military matters is probably best characterized as dovish and terminology such as “war-fighting capabilities” doesn’t sit comfortably with me. All the more …

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Corporate Responsibility in the Government World

I was recently asked to write a guest post for CEIL. If you are unfamiliar with the organization, CEIL is an independent organization designed to educate and share information with government and military professionals charged with identifying buying green goods and services.  It might seem a bit odd, my writing for a government organization blog as a representative of a UK based telecom company, but I see a lot of overlap within government and corporate. Below is my guest post for the readers of CSR Perspective.

The central question asked of CR practitioners is “how far should a corporation go …

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