Where are you on the journey?

I have a penchant for simple models and frameworks.  In developing a presentation recently I used what I perceive as a three stage evolution of the corporate responsibility journey;  (1) how we give it away, (2) how we spend it and (3) how we make it.   The “it” of course is  money.

Stage 1; How we give it away. The traditional mode of corporate responsibility delivered through philanthropy, community investment and volunteering.  We make a profit and then we find ways to give it away for the good of society, sometimes referred to by the phrase ‘giving

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Guest Post: FedEx

In November I wrote a short post reflecting on the sustainability implications of past achievements such as the lunar landings and the soon to be retired space shuttle.  With  permission,  I have reposted this blog from my friend and colleague Mitch Jackson,  Staff Vice President, FedEx Corp Environmental Affairs & Sustainability, that uses a common theme of leaving the earth’s orbit for inspiration for a sustainable future.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” – Steve Jobs

Vinod Khosla recently identified the seven most influential individuals that matter in clean technology at Forbes.com. Frankly, we could add one to the …

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Scorecards and Corporate Responsibility

I am speaking today at the CSR and the Sustainability Scorecard 2010 conference in San Francisco. My views on the topic of scorecards and measurement are contrarian to the mainstream although hopefully not too much.  Most of these views have been shared on my blog addressing  various issues of measurement and corporate responsibility here, here, here and here.

In our field of CR, we use scorecards for rankings, ROI, KPIs, targeting employees, measuring project impact, labeling products and assessing vendors. But is it effective?  I believe that measuring and scoring raises a dilemma for CR professionals—one that can …

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Guest Post: GE Corporation

CSR and Making Money

By Frank Mantero

Frank Mantero is the Director, Corporate Citizenship Programs, for GE Corporation. He  is responsible for coordinating the company’s global citizenship efforts, developing and managing the company’s Citizenship Report, monitoring the company’s engagement with the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and being the lead communicator for GE-sponsored disaster relief efforts.

Recent articles in the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post have reinvigorated the debate about whether corporate social responsibility, or as we call it at GE, corporate citizenship, can create value for business as well as for society. While in many ways this is …

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