Bank of America: Embedding Sustainability

I wrote my white paper, “The Four Dimensions of Sustainability” a couple of years ago now, but I still see examples that confirm to me that it applies as well today as it did then.

Earlier this month, speaking at the Responsible Business Summit in New York, I had the pleasure of listening to Alex Liftman, Global Environmental Executive, Head of Sustainability for Bank of America speak about embedding sustainability into business.

Alex talked about the culmination of many months of effort around the recently announced corporate goal of a 15 percent global green house gas (GHG) emission reduction by …

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The Role of Philanthropy in Corporate Responsibility

As regular readers of my blog may have divined, I have struggled with the role of philanthropy and even volunteering within corporate responsibility. When I say this, I hear sharp intakes of breath from not only my fellow practitioners but I am sure from many wonderful non-profits who depend on corporate funding for some of their critically required activities.

I don’t underestimate the importance and value of the money and the services community investment enables.  But, I believe that how companies both make and spend our money has a far bigger impact on society and the environment than how we …

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The Economic Impact of BT – Social Study 2010

I know, I know, it isn’t too hot to write a blog post at the beginning of 2011 that refers to 2010, but this is what I want to write about so here goes………

In December, just squeezing it in before the end of the year, BT published a report called Social Study 2010 that reviewed the economic contribution of BT on the United Kingdom.  In my Four Dimensions model, this impact represents my first dimension of direct impact, and includes what Social Study 2010 calls direct, indirect and induced impacts.   Social Study 2010 uses jobs, output and an economic …

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Procter & Gamble Makes Great Strides in CR

I have noticed a number of interesting CR initiatives from Procter &Gamble hit the press recently.  I like to watch what BT’s big customers are doing in this space, and P&G is one of our big customers!  In 2008 we signed a $650 million outsourcing deal with them.

I have a vision that in time, companies will include sustainability criteria in selecting target customers, similar to how we include them in selecting our vendors.  After all, if you believe companies that implement good sustainability practices are more likely to be around for the long haul, you would be crazy not …

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