Forbes 2012 Predictions for the Telecom Industry and What They Mean for Sustainability

Forbes has reported on twelve 2012 predictions for the telecom industry. Among the predictions, the primacy of India and China; emerging market companies will gain ground in rankings at the expense of companies from developed countries; focus on machine to machine interfaces (smart grid, logistics); mobile subscriptions will exceed 6bn (half in Asia Pac alone); global broadband penetration will surpass 10% (0.7bn I assume), installed PCs will pass 2 billion; continued focus on cloud computing

What does this mean for corporate responsibility and sustainability in 2012 ?

Well, an ongoing issue with digital divide as some have broadband connected …

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Guest Post: FedEx

In November I wrote a short post reflecting on the sustainability implications of past achievements such as the lunar landings and the soon to be retired space shuttle.  With  permission,  I have reposted this blog from my friend and colleague Mitch Jackson,  Staff Vice President, FedEx Corp Environmental Affairs & Sustainability, that uses a common theme of leaving the earth’s orbit for inspiration for a sustainable future.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” – Steve Jobs

Vinod Khosla recently identified the seven most influential individuals that matter in clean technology at Frankly, we could add one to the …

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