BT’s New Better Future Report – Just Out

The 2013 BT Better Future report is out and we are all very happy (and a little relieved too if truth be told).    It takes a lot of work from people across the business to collect all the data together,  validate it, decide how best to structure the report, design the web site to present it, create an executive  summary, create the input to the annual financial report and have all the data and the words externally validated.   This year we announced our new Better Future programme at the same time, so we also have a new web site

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As One Chapter Closes, Why Not Read a Few More? CSR Perspective in an Ebook

I recently took on a new role at BT heading up our environmental sustainability strategy under the title of a program called Net Good; more about that another time.

The change has been an opportunity to take stock of what I have done with CSR Perspective over the four years I have been both writing my own posts and inviting guest posts.   Looking back I have identified some common themes and with a bit of retrospective thought, I like to think I even have a hierarchy and some logical progression.  Because of the nature of a blog, these themes and …

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Watching the Water Run Out of the Tub and Other Analogies: Making the Challenge of Sustainability Tangible

Last week in London I delivered a presentation on sustainability to about 120 middle and senior managers from within BT.  Afterwards we explored climate change, at the new and very impressive Atmosphere Gallery  in the Science Museum.

Recently I have taken to introducing my presentations using the measure of how many planets worth of resources humanity is using and how that number is growing.   If you are not familiar with it, this web site from Global Footprint Network explains the concept.

Another analogy I like to use to illustrate the concept is a bathtub with water running in from the tap …

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Republicans or Democrats – Who Owns Corporate Responsibility ?

Corporate responsibility ecompasses the activities of a company that contribute positively to society (and the environment) beyond the need to make a profit and follow the law.  Can either the political left or right claim greater ownership of this concept ?

I used to think, perhaps naively, that the left leaning would be more likely to posit that companies have a broader  3 P’s (people, profit, planet) role and the right leaning would be more likely to have a narrower ‘profit only’ view of the role of companies.

But it is always healthy to turn assumptions on their head and take …

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Guest Post: FedEx

In November I wrote a short post reflecting on the sustainability implications of past achievements such as the lunar landings and the soon to be retired space shuttle.  With  permission,  I have reposted this blog from my friend and colleague Mitch Jackson,  Staff Vice President, FedEx Corp Environmental Affairs & Sustainability, that uses a common theme of leaving the earth’s orbit for inspiration for a sustainable future.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” – Steve Jobs

Vinod Khosla recently identified the seven most influential individuals that matter in clean technology at Frankly, we could add one to the …

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Corporate Responsibility in the Government World

I was recently asked to write a guest post for CEIL. If you are unfamiliar with the organization, CEIL is an independent organization designed to educate and share information with government and military professionals charged with identifying buying green goods and services.  It might seem a bit odd, my writing for a government organization blog as a representative of a UK based telecom company, but I see a lot of overlap within government and corporate. Below is my guest post for the readers of CSR Perspective.

The central question asked of CR practitioners is “how far should a corporation go …

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