What We Can Learn from A More Expensive Light Bulb

Last weekend, the Washington Post carried an interesting article about the future of the light bulb business.  Energy to produce light contributes a significant proportion of our carbon emissions. The proportion of energy in a traditional incandescent bulb that produces heat, when what we want from it is light, is much too high.

The article highlighted for me many of the key principles that we need to incorporate as we move away from disposable, energy intensive consumerism, towards a more sustainable model;

  • Per unit and up-front costs will often be higher for more sustainable products. Companies need to reset consumer
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U.S. Navy’s Green Strike Group

I just came across a blog post in Defense News from Adam Siegel. I know Adam from when we worked together on the Energy and Environment Committee of the British American Business Association in DC.  Adam is a director in the Economic Consulting business segment of FTI Consulting and focuses on energy security, profitability and sustainability.

In his blog post, he examines how the U.S. Navy is incorporating energy-smart practices for greater tactical and strategic effectiveness.

My approach to military matters is probably best characterized as dovish and terminology such as “war-fighting capabilities” doesn’t sit comfortably with me. All the more …

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