Making the Grid Smart and Secure

In a great example of using ICT services to address sustainability opportunities, a few weeks ago my colleagues Ed Hicks, Bryan Fite, and Michael Trofimoff attended the TM Forum Management World event in Orland FL.  The team exhibited BT’s Smart Grid Interoperability Lab as part of the TM Forum’s catalyst program that highlights innovation and new technologies.  They also participated on several panel discussions and hosted a workshop on Smart Grid.

It was a busy few days, but it was a great way to connect with lots of people as many people stopped by to view the demo.  But for …

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Why Don’t More Companies have Climate Stabilization Intensity Targets?

I have written a number of times before about how I think measurement can undermine sustainability. I had the opportunity to give a presentation on the topic at the State of Green Business Forum in DC a couple of months back.

In the end I touched only briefly on some of the ways that measurement can mislead. It turned out that the guidelines for the presentation were to present one big idea.  As I say near the beginning, I didn’t want to present one big gripe, so I focused most of my presentation on BT’s Climate Stabilization Intensity target, which …

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What is Sustainability? A view from EMC

Often on CSR Perspective, I’ve written about the role of corporate social responsibility and its true meaning. Just last week, I posted a video of my colleagues at BT discussing how they define CSR.   It goes beyond philanthropy and corporate giving. It’s primary purpose should not be to protect a company’s reputation when it gets caught doing something wrong. Ultimately, it has to be integrated and tied into the core of the business. So I find it interesting when I see my peers having the same conversations.  I was recently reading Kathrin Winkler’s blog and saw that she recently

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