When CR and Business Objectives Conflict (contd)

I am on my way home from an excellent conference run by The Ethical Corporation in New York. As I described in my post yesterday, we had a great discussion on the topic of when CR and business objectives conflict. We split up into table groups to share some of our more challenging experiences and examples in a safe space. While in the spirit of the safe space we created I am not going to share any examples that are not already public knowledge, I identified some common categories of action from the examples discussed:


1) Grasp the nettle/bite

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When CR and Business Objectives Conflict

A touchy subject I know.   It is all the rage to focus on Creating Shared Value and on building momentum through identifying the positive intersection between  corporate responsibility/sustainability and business success.   But, while I believe there is plenty of ground to be gained in that area, we are kidding ourselves if we think that it is the whole picture.   There are major economic/societal challenges to be solved such as the consumption society and pressure for continued GDP growth, and tactical issues in every company too.    I even know that many of my own behaviors are not truly sustainable even though …

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Creating Shared Value – Is it Corporate Responsibility?

On Monday last week I attended an excellent roundtable organized by the World Environment Center (WEC) and Dow at the National Press Club in DC. The topic was Creating Shared Value (CSV) and the excellent keynote presentation was by Mark Kramer, one of the authors of the January 2011 paper on the topic in the Harvard Business Review.

CSV is a hot topic in the field that I gather, from this blog post by Aman Singh,  and others I have read, and was covered widely at BRC and NetImpact too. The WEC event was excellent with great speakers all around, …

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