Where are you on the journey?

I have a penchant for simple models and frameworks.  In developing a presentation recently I used what I perceive as a three stage evolution of the corporate responsibility journey;  (1) how we give it away, (2) how we spend it and (3) how we make it.   The “it” of course is  money.

Stage 1; How we give it away. The traditional mode of corporate responsibility delivered through philanthropy, community investment and volunteering.  We make a profit and then we find ways to give it away for the good of society, sometimes referred to by the phrase ‘giving

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Staples: Mark Buckley Talks EcoEasy Program

Mark Buckley, a former guest blogger on CSR Perspective and VP of Environmental Affairs for Staples, recently was featured in a podcast as part of the OnPapersSeries.

In the podcast, Mark shares that the company’s CEO has agreed that there is always more that Staples can do and should do when it comes for sustainability.  From this realization the EcoEasy™ program evolved. The program focuses Staples’ environmental efforts in three major areas including products, recycling services and internal operations.

This program is a great example of an organization that goes well beyond the “Direct Impact” dimension in the Four

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