Ethical Dilemma #2: Half-baked Marketing – A Justice vs. Mercy Dilemma

As part of our series on ethics, originally published on the CROA blog, here is the second of five ethical dilemmas to test your ethical muscles and the CROA’s draft Ethics Code.  After you read the scenario and deliberate on the choices, check out the Ethics Code and then let us know how it helped guide your decision.  Share how you’d answer this dilemma and how the Ethics Code helped (or didn’t).

John is the CSO at Smith & Co, a toaster-oven manufacturer. Smith & Co retained Evans Strategic On-Line Marketing and pays it to improve Smith & …

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Corporate Responsibility Officers Need an Ethics Code!

I posted this on the blog of the Corporate Responsibility Officers Association on October 4, 2010

Doctors have an ethics code. PR professionals, accountants, lawyers, ombudsman, engineers and ethics officers all have ethics codes.  In many ways, a well crafted ethics code defines a profession; it gives guidance to its practitioners to support the most taxing judgment calls they will have to make and articulates its defining values to those outside the profession.

Deciding between what is right and wrong can sometimes be difficult. Corporate Responsibility practitioners often have to go further and decide between two rights.  We also have …

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