BT’s New Better Future Report – Just Out

The 2013 BT Better Future report is out and we are all very happy (and a little relieved too if truth be told).    It takes a lot of work from people across the business to collect all the data together,  validate it, decide how best to structure the report, design the web site to present it, create an executive  summary, create the input to the annual financial report and have all the data and the words externally validated.   This year we announced our new Better Future programme at the same time, so we also have a new web site

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Can CR Practitioners Save American Capitalism?

Sunday’s Washington  Post contained this great article by Steven Pearlstein “Can we save American capitalism?”

Pearlstein reviewed a range of recent books on economics and, through his conclusions, I believe he also offered a litmus test of the role of our corporate responsibility field, coming at it from the economists perspective.

“What’s been lost from American capitalism” Pearlstein posits, “is any sense of a larger purpose, of how it fits into and serves society…”   He draws a common theme from some of the books reviewed,  highlighting  the lack of what is variously called ‘social capital’, ‘civic capital’ and ‘civil …

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Guest Post: A Marketer’s Perspective on CSR

Neil Blakesley is a long time colleague and VP of Marketing at BT Global Services.  He was also an early supporter of my foray into social media three years ago – not something all VP’s of Marketing are comfortable with even now!  Neil recently recorded a short video interview for Shama Kabani for her Dallas TV spot “Socially Sound with Shama.”.   I spoke to him over the phone afterwards and asked him to expand on his thoughts on CSR from a marketer’s perspective for this guest post.

Well to be honest, Kevin, I could have spoken on the interview for another …

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Catalyst or Irritant?

I have thought long and hard about my role and how best to characterize it.   When I started in the field I made my mind up very quickly that I would not make much progress if I considered myself as having been appointed to police the activities of employees. Policing might be a very valid approach for someone in a compliance role, but in a role beyond compliance, people would simply stay below my radar screen.

As I have written before on employee engagement, I see my role as to release enthusiasm, generate momentum and then harness people’s passion …

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CSR: Are You Running an Old Release?

CSR: Are You Running an Old Release?

A couple of weeks back I wrote a post on the three stage journey of corporate responsibility.   We are in the midst of the holidays when make believe is at the fore. I thought I would try my hand at a make believe all in one software package for all three stages of the journey,  that would ease the lives of us practitioners. Angel investors sought for release 3.5.  Software vendors feel free to tout your wares in a comment!

Release 1.0 –Give it Away Responsibly: For proponents of the traditional mode …

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Dilemmas – The Core of Corporate Responsibility

Traditionally the role of the CR practitioner includes several components: marketing (customer engagement and product stewardship), HR (diversity and employee engagement), investor relations, operational management (environmental management), and PR (communications). So with such a broad remit of involvement, what really captures the essence of the CR practitioner’s role?     

I think that at the core of the role is management of dilemmas. The foundational dilemma that captures corporate responsibility (as opposed to a sustainability role in a non-profit or in government), is the tension that sometimes exists between growing profit and delivering societal and environmental benefit. 

The field is also rich with …

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Should Non-Profits Compete with For Profits?

Some time ago I found an excuse to bring together my passion for antiquarian books and my passion for CR in a post ‘Why Running a Company is Like Owning and Old Book”.

I wasn’t expecting another intersection between the two, but on my recent trip to the UK I became aware of an ongoing dispute between antiquarian & used booksellers and Oxfam UK “a global movement of people working with others to overcome poverty and suffering.” Oxfam is a particularly well known institution in the UK especially through its extensive chain of street front stores that sell donated second …

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