As One Chapter Closes, Why Not Read a Few More? CSR Perspective in an Ebook

I recently took on a new role at BT heading up our environmental sustainability strategy under the title of a program called Net Good; more about that another time.

The change has been an opportunity to take stock of what I have done with CSR Perspective over the four years I have been both writing my own posts and inviting guest posts.   Looking back I have identified some common themes and with a bit of retrospective thought, I like to think I even have a hierarchy and some logical progression.  Because of the nature of a blog, these themes and …

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Watching the Water Run Out of the Tub and Other Analogies: Making the Challenge of Sustainability Tangible

Last week in London I delivered a presentation on sustainability to about 120 middle and senior managers from within BT.  Afterwards we explored climate change, at the new and very impressive Atmosphere Gallery  in the Science Museum.

Recently I have taken to introducing my presentations using the measure of how many planets worth of resources humanity is using and how that number is growing.   If you are not familiar with it, this web site from Global Footprint Network explains the concept.

Another analogy I like to use to illustrate the concept is a bathtub with water running in from the tap …

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The Pharma Equivalent of Climate Change?

I read an interesting article while I was in the UK last week.   Before I get into the article, I want to share two standard definitions;

  • Corporate Social Responsibility – everything good a company contributes to society beyond the need to deliver a short term profit and follow the law
  • Sustainability – meetings today’s needs without compromising the needs of future generations.

According to an article in The Independent, Professor Peter Hawkey, chair of the UK  Government’s antibiotic resistance working group, reports that our use of antibiotics today is creating resistant organisms that threaten to turn common infections into …

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Everything I Know about Corporate Responsibility I Learned from my Dad

Now retired, my dad ran a small business for many years, tailoring and selling coats and dresses. He had a retail store with a small workshop behind it in Esher, a small village Southwest of London.

Dad employed perhaps a total of a dozen people at any one time.  Half in the store and workshop and the other half who worked from home.

I learned about corporate responsibility from Dad as I was growing up in the 1970s, before I knew there was a term for it.  Perhaps before there even was a term for it?

Everyone knew everyone in the …

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