BT’s New Better Future Report – Just Out

The 2013 BT Better Future report is out and we are all very happy (and a little relieved too if truth be told).    It takes a lot of work from people across the business to collect all the data together,  validate it, decide how best to structure the report, design the web site to present it, create an executive  summary, create the input to the annual financial report and have all the data and the words externally validated.   This year we announced our new Better Future programme at the same time, so we also have a new web site

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Guest Post: A Marketer’s Perspective on CSR

Neil Blakesley is a long time colleague and VP of Marketing at BT Global Services.  He was also an early supporter of my foray into social media three years ago – not something all VP’s of Marketing are comfortable with even now!  Neil recently recorded a short video interview for Shama Kabani for her Dallas TV spot “Socially Sound with Shama.”.   I spoke to him over the phone afterwards and asked him to expand on his thoughts on CSR from a marketer’s perspective for this guest post.

Well to be honest, Kevin, I could have spoken on the interview for another …

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ICT to Help the Environment: Video Series

I occasionally comment on examples of Information Communications Technology  (ICT)  services benefiting the environment. In fact this intersection was my original inspiration for CSRPerspective and formed the material for some of my first posts.

As I look around the community, I realized that there are many ways that ICT services impact our every day lives.  So, I’ve embarked on a video journey.  This journey takes us from inside executive offices, to transportation systems, inside grocery stores and even in my own home.

Everywhere we go, there are examples of how IT and communications are working to benefit the environment.…

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One Year On – What Corporate Responsibility Means to Us

This time last year I recorded some of my colleagues saying a few words about what CR means to them.  We have had some new faces on the team since then and there were many people I didn’t get to last time, so I thought it was time for an update. I took advantage of a trip to London in March and filmed a few more colleagues with my little Flip camera.

I provided no guidance or speaking points.  Just asked people to talk about what captured their interest in the field.  You will hear a reflection on the classic …

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Seeking feedback…read our sustainability review.

I have started work with others in BT on our annual sustainability report for 2011. The process takes  almost a full year.

I am especially interested in the summary document we produce, called our 2010 Sustainability Review. Click on the picture of the cover above to download a PDF of the document.

I struggle with this document: should it be long or short, a reference document or marketing promotional, comprehensive or a bird’s eye view?

Right now I am pretty sure that not enough people are reading our 2010 Sustainability Review, let alone tell us what they think of it. 
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How Numbers Mislead

I met Kai Robertson for lunch earlier this week at Northside Social, a wonderful coffee house in Arlington, Virginia with a great sustainability theme running through its menu. Kai is with BSR and we were discussing a range of corporate responsibility and sustainability issues.  While we were talking, I was approached by a reporter.

This was a great venue to be interviewed by a reporter from a local news channel, News 7 – On Your Side, about my views on coffee.  I was asked how my coffee drinking habits would be influenced by knowing that a new study indicates that …

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