Threading the Needle: How BT Integrates Climate Stabilization with Economic Prosperity

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Bill Baue on behalf of Sustainable Brands about my role at BT and, in turn, the role that BT plays as an industry leader in the realm of environmental sustainability and sustainable business.

Bill was particularly interested in BT’s Climate Stabilization Intensity methodology (CSI) which “has set a precedent by linking greenhouse gas reduction targets to climate stabilization scenarios from the scientific community.”   Most businesses seek to do one or both of reduce their absolute emissions or reduce emissions as a unit of production , otherwise known …

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Book Review: The Great Disruption

I finished reading The Great Disruption by Paul Gilding recently. I heard Paul speak to a small audience at the World Resources Institute (WRI) in DC and from the moment he started I was drawn in.

I found the premise compelling, albeit challenging from a societal and environmental perspective. The book though is an accessible read.  But will the book be a relic of another well meaning but misinformed theory, or does it represent one of the voices we are going to wish we had listened to?

Paul actually addresses that question from the get go. He accepts people are not …

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