Is CSR Recession Proof?

It goes without saying that recessions change everyone’s priorities; individuals concerned about layoffs cut back on their spending and businesses focused on boosting profitability take similar measures at a macro level.

There’s plenty of evidence that with fears of a double dip recession that consumers are less inclined to factor in environmental and ethical considerations when making the most basic purchasing decisions.  In fact, according to a survey released this week by Bensimon Byrne, a Toronto-based advertising agency, environmental and sustainability messages were resonating with fewer consumers – with only 32% considering them to be relevant compared to 46% at …

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How We Determine Our Positions on Climate Change

As I mentioned in a post earlier in June, I have spent some time listening to the discussions between climate change skeptics and proponents.  One of my main takeaways is that rarely is a thorough understanding of the science the basis for people’s views.  Proponents can quote scientists and so can skeptics. I don’t believe that many of us though (myself included) have really done our own analysis of all the research papers and, even if we had, that we would know how to reach our own judgment on the sensitivity analysis, scenarios and balance of risks.

Most of us, on …

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