CSR: Are You Running an Old Release?

CSR: Are You Running an Old Release?

A couple of weeks back I wrote a post on the three stage journey of corporate responsibility.   We are in the midst of the holidays when make believe is at the fore. I thought I would try my hand at a make believe all in one software package for all three stages of the journey,  that would ease the lives of us practitioners. Angel investors sought for release 3.5.  Software vendors feel free to tout your wares in a comment!

Release 1.0 –Give it Away Responsibly: For proponents of the traditional mode …

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What is Sustainability? A view from EMC

Often on CSR Perspective, I’ve written about the role of corporate social responsibility and its true meaning. Just last week, I posted a video of my colleagues at BT discussing how they define CSR.   It goes beyond philanthropy and corporate giving. It’s primary purpose should not be to protect a company’s reputation when it gets caught doing something wrong. Ultimately, it has to be integrated and tied into the core of the business. So I find it interesting when I see my peers having the same conversations.  I was recently reading Kathrin Winkler’s blog and saw that she recently

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One Year On – What Corporate Responsibility Means to Us

This time last year I recorded some of my colleagues saying a few words about what CR means to them.  We have had some new faces on the team since then and there were many people I didn’t get to last time, so I thought it was time for an update. I took advantage of a trip to London in March and filmed a few more colleagues with my little Flip camera.

I provided no guidance or speaking points.  Just asked people to talk about what captured their interest in the field.  You will hear a reflection on the classic …

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Guest Post: A Freshman Reflects

On January 6th I posted this guest blog from Chris Tuppen with Chris’s 20 year anniversary reflection on the field.  Late in 2010 I met Michelle Greene the recently appointed Vice President, Head of Corporate Responsibility, and Executive Director of NYSE Foundation at NYSE Euronext.  Michelle is new to the Corporate Responsibility role (although she brings with her a wealth of invaluable experience in the public and private sectors)   and I felt her thoughts as a relative newcomer would be a valuable complement to Chris’s perspective.

As someone who has formally entered the Corporate Responsibility field quite recently, …

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Planetary Catastrophe or Business Imperative? Communicating Climate Change

PR News wrote a piece on communications for climate change this week.  When developing the article, the reporter called me up and asked me my view on why business should become involved in climate change.   The conversation got me thinking more about climate change and how we should communicate the issue and I want to explore this further on my blog.  I am also interested in how we develop our views on climate change  and will perhaps blog about this next week  This is a topic that I’ve addressed on my blog before and you can find the posts here

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BT and Unilever Sustainability Aspirations

As I have written before in Should We Pick Our Customers, I am interested in the idea of incorporating sustainability credentials in identifying priority prospects,  and also,  in partnering with customers on their sustainability.  So I was especially excited when Unilever recently unveiled its bold sustainability plan. Marc Gunther wrote an excellent post on the plan.

BT recently won an extension to its outsourcing contract with Unilever worth around €173m (£144m).   The original contract, announced in November 2002 and worth around €1bn, was the first comprehensive, global telecoms outsource contract ever undertaken by BT and remains one of …

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Scorecards and Corporate Responsibility

I am speaking today at the CSR and the Sustainability Scorecard 2010 conference in San Francisco. My views on the topic of scorecards and measurement are contrarian to the mainstream although hopefully not too much.  Most of these views have been shared on my blog addressing  various issues of measurement and corporate responsibility here, here, here and here.

In our field of CR, we use scorecards for rankings, ROI, KPIs, targeting employees, measuring project impact, labeling products and assessing vendors. But is it effective?  I believe that measuring and scoring raises a dilemma for CR professionals—one that can …

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Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

I had some interesting meetings last week seeing two of the incredible and varied benefits of ICT services.  But in both cases I noticed the common theme that technology can sometimes enable us to do things that don’t necessarily make sense to do.

The first was with Alice Ray, founder of a small software company called Ripple Effects. Ripple Effects produces a powerful platform for helping troubled youth learn skills and coping mechanisms to deal with situations with which they struggle.  A light bulb went off when I realized that communicating via the computer doesn’t have to be an inferior …

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Don’t Be Blinkered

I am speaking at the 4th Sustainable Supply Chain Summit in San Francisco at the end of October so I have started trying to synthesize some of my thoughts on supply chain issues in preparation for preparing my presentation.

When I first joined the CR field a few years back, I had a very enlightening conversation with the VP of Sustainability at a major retail brand. The company is recognized as a sustainability leader.

I was probing to what extent this company, as a customer of BT’s, took BT’s corporate sustainability credentials into account in vendor decisions.

In conversation …

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Guest Post: Getting Involved in the London Olympic & Paralympic Games in 2012

On my recent trip to the UK I became more and more aware of the upcoming London Olympic & Paralympic Games in 2012 and of BT’s involvement in the events.

Eric Anderson is a BT colleague who works as a sustainability advisor to internal and external stakeholders. He also has responsibility to oversee the sustainability component of our partnership into London 2012. He shares some of his thoughts here on commencing work on L2012, and I hope will contribute some updates in the future.

A little over 5 years ago I was walking through a supplier’s UK office when the …

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