Don’t Be Blinkered

I am speaking at the 4th Sustainable Supply Chain Summit in San Francisco at the end of October so I have started trying to synthesize some of my thoughts on supply chain issues in preparation for preparing my presentation.

When I first joined the CR field a few years back, I had a very enlightening conversation with the VP of Sustainability at a major retail brand. The company is recognized as a sustainability leader.

I was probing to what extent this company, as a customer of BT’s, took BT’s corporate sustainability credentials into account in vendor decisions.

In conversation …

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“All or Nothing” is Rarely Right

Yesterday, I commented on the philanthropic component of Chrystia Freeland’s article in the Washington Post on Sunday .

Chrystia’s article also touches on the role of regulation.  She takes the view that

“getting confused about the principal job of business is even more dangerous for the state. CSR, and the communitarian philosophy behind it, asks us to believe that the interests of an individual company and those of the wider community are fully aligned. They aren’t — a truth too many regulators forgot in recent years.”

I see the attraction in the idea but I don’t come out in favor …

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Shards of Truth that Hurt

Chrystia Freeland wrote an article in the Washington Post on Sunday taking a crack at CSR by asking “What is BP’s Social Responsibility”.    In it, she argues that;

“many of the business disasters of the past 24 months have been facilitated by the mini-industry of corporate social responsibility — known as CSR by those in the trade — a fetish encouraged by the philanthropies that feed off it and funded by the corporate executives who have found that it serves their bottom line.”

Of course I, like many of the people who have added comments to the web site, …

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