ICT in the Environment: The Connected Car

ICT in the Environment: The Connected Car from Kevin Moss on Vimeo.
ICT services impact our every day lives from how we work, to how we travel to how we make purchasing decisions for our daily needs. In this video series, I examine all of these elements from inside executive offices, to transportation systems and even teleworking in my own home.

The 6th episode in this series focuses on the connected car.  At this week’s Green Monday panel  Dr Thomas Becker of BMW described the prototype Rolls Royce Phantom EV.   The Phantom EV wasn’t at the Washington Auto Show last week, but electric vehicles were well represented from a home made solar adaptation kit for a car roof to a new Tesla model. (For my local readers I also came across the Electric Vehicle Association of Greater Washington DC and promised to give them a plug !)

While most attendees are still interested in the fastest car and newest prototype, I nevertheless saw a lot of people looking at the EVs. From the manufacturer’s representatives I learned that most of the questions from the public are about performance, range and recharging.

My main interest was in the intersection between ICT (Information Communications technology) and sustainability. In this video from my ICT in the Environment series, Abe Quigley, a product specialist on the Nissan Leaf shared his thoughts on how ICT supports the EV owner and ended with a very interesting observation about the future potential for the EV as a power source to complement the grid.

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