A Pioneering Approach to Carbon Footprint Measurement

A couple of months ago BT was asked by the European Commission to participate in a pilot test to measure the carbon footprint of ICT products.  BT formed a consortium with Alcatel-Lucent and Cisco to test out BT’s wholesale internet solution.  Using the same protocol that BT employed to assess the carbon impact of the ICT solutions it is providing for the 2012 Olympic Games being held inLondon later this month, the three companies set about establishing best practices for measuring the carbon footprint of communications services and growing a low carbon economy.

In this podcast Gabrielle Giner, a program manager at BT for environmental sustainability, discusses the project and how it contributes towards developing best practices and a common language for reducing the carbon impact of ICT.  In particular, she focuses on the importance of identifying which portions of the product cycle have the largest impact and the importance of collaboration between partners, suppliers, and customers.

The full podcast can be heard here.

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