Net Good is Positive News for All: How Business Can Effect Sustainable Growth

On Monday March 4th Green Monday is focusing on Net Positive. I will be watching the live stream and running a virtual roundtable after the events.  In addition, some of my BT colleagues will be there in person to talk about our net good programme. I wrote this post to set the scene…

Reducing environmental footprint is essential, but not enough, to bridge the chasm between a global population that is growing in size and affluence and available resources to meet their needs.

Businesses are at the nexus of that challenge as we depend on natural resources to create and deliver our products and services. We see this at BT and in the strategies of many of our customers and suppliers. But incremental change will not be sufficient to satisfy our existing commercial and production models. New models are needed and new models are driven by bold goals. These new models must deliver the triumvirate of business success and a thriving community living within the means of a sustainable environment. 

To read the entire piece click here to go the Good Monday Opinion page.



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