Why Blog?

I started CSR Perspective in 2008 as part of a pilot in BT in North America to test different forms of social media.   My target readership is a fairly small market of CSR and sustainability practitioners, so I am thrilled to have exceeded 4000 unique readers per month and an average of 5-6 page reads per visit.

The blog enables me to publicize some of BT’s achievements, to express my views and to engage peers in the field through comments and through guest posts. I have been thrilled to carry posts from counterparts at Wal-Mart, FedEx, EMC, Ford, NYSE, Euronext and many other companies and organizations.

In blurring the boundary between one’s personal and corporate personas, social media makes us more accountable as individuals for actions we take as employees.  In this way I think social media contributes both to transparency and to accountability, both important components of corporate responsibility.

Why this e-book?

Firstly, I write my blog posts without too much pre-planning on topics and themes. Looking back I see certain themes have emerged.  This e-book brings together some of my own posts and guest posts within those themes and in a format that is easier to read through than the blog itself.   The posts are drawn only from the blog, so you won’t find a comprehensive treatment of each issue.    I hope it serves to provide some alternative opinions against which to test your own views and perhaps a framework within which to hang the breadth of corporate responsibility and sustainability topics.

Secondly, secretly I have always wanted to write a book, but I don’t think I have the will power. So this may be the closest I get!

Any inconsistencies between posts that were written months apart, but are adjacent in this e-book may be because I changed my mind on a topic or reflect that I haven’t resolved an inconsistency in my views. Either way, please do point them out to me on twitter @KevinImoss or in a comment on the blog post where I launched this e-book.

The structure.

I have started from an exploration of what CSR and sustainability is about and then delved into the role of the corporation and the role of the practitioner.  I then address metrics and measurement, one of my pet topics. Following this is a section on stakeholders and I end with some posts about BT and finally some purely personal perspectives.

I look forward to your feedback.



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