The Net Good 3:1 Methodology

We created the attached animation to explain our Net Good programme.  Take a listen and let me know what you think of it.

Our Net Good goal methodology has two distinctly new elements compared to the scope of our previous carbon footprint approach.

Firstly we have greatly expanded the scope of our own impact.  To our own operational footprint we have added the footprint of our entire supply chain (our upstream footprint if you like) and also the footprint of the telecommunications and IT equipment we have sold or leased to our customers (our downstream, or product in life footprint).   Take a look at the chart below to see how much difference that makes.  Our own operations now only represents 8% of what we now consider our end to end footprint.   Of course it would represent far more if it weren’t for a significant amount of energy and carbon reduction our Energy and Carbon unit has achieved working across the business. More about that in a future post.

Secondly we have developed a methodology to assess the amount of carbon we help our customers avoid (or abate) through usage of our products and services. Comparing the two, we are currently at an abatement ratio of 1:1. You can see the audited report here.   That is,  we can identify that this year we helped our customers abate the same amount of carbon as our entire end to end footprint.

Our goal is to reach an abatement ration of 3:1 by 2020. That is, to be able to show that we have helped our customers reduce their emissions by at least 3 times as much as our end to end footprint.    We will try to do this by reducing our end to end footprint further and by expanding our portfolio of products and services that help our customers reduce their emissions.

We will soon be posting details of the methodology to allow more insight into the details of the approach.


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