Sharing the (Net) Good News

I’ve taken a lot of pride in our Net Good launch programme; it’s always gratifying when months (years) of thought and planning come together.  What’s even more gratifying is when others recognize the work in which you’re engaged as worthy of coverage.  The Net Good launch received some great coverage on social media, in the CSR press as well as the sector media.

One of my favourite quotes about the event recognized not only the Net Good programme, but also BT’s overall commitment to sustainable business.  Alex Blackburne, writing in Blue & Green Tomorrow, put Net Good in the context of other major initiatives being undertaken at BT:

“The telecoms giant, which is working on Net Good with the Carbon Trust and the Climate Group, recently signed a deal with energy supplier Npower to source 100% of its UK energy from renewable sources. It adds that the ICT sector could cut global greenhouse gas emissions by 16.5% by 2020 – most at no extra cost.

BT also recently topped a carbon ranking developed by thinktank the Environmental Investment Organisation (EIO), which measured greenhouse gas emissions relative to the turnover of listed firms. Meanwhile, its pension scheme was shortlisted for an award for responsible investment reporting.

Michael Solomon, director of Responsible 100, wrote an article about corporate social responsibility for Blue & Green Tomorrow in April, in which he outlined the required transition for large firms, from their negative impact outweighing their positive, to their positive impact outweighing their negative – in effect, a ‘net good’.”

Interested in reading more?  You can click below to read what other publications said about the event and BT’s Net Good methodology.


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