Great Developments: BT’s Net Good Creates a New Carbon Accounting Model

What does the excitement over waiting for old fashioned film to be developed have to do with launching a new carbon accounting model?  Well, while it might not be obvious in the digital age but the answer is tied up in anticipation and the excitement of not knowing exactly how your project – photograph or accounting – model will turn out; whether expectations will be met, or not.  Below is an excerpt from my post yesterday over at BT’s Let’s Talk site that talks about what we hope to achieve with Net Good and how carbon accounting will change the way we do business.


Delivering Net Good

Does anyone else remember the excitement of waiting for their first film to come back from the developers? I do. I was a serious photographer in my teens and nothing compares with the anticipation of that first film.

My 11 year old daughter is going through it now too – using my old Olympus OM10, waiting on the developer to do their magic and turn that little metal canister full of chemical covered film into a meaningful photo. And not knowing for sure how it will come out, compared to expectations.

I have been going through the same myself over the last few days, together with a number of colleagues. Only not over a camera film – but believe it or not, over our new carbon accounting model – net good.

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