Getting Serious About CSR: How Sustainability is Vital to Business and Society

Recently, I was interviewed by The Blue Marble, a new publication and online community that was launched in collaboration with Eco-Schools and Keep Britain Tidy.  The September issue focused on different aspects of sustainability from solar powered Big Belly rubbish bins to the sustainability of the world’s fisheries and how to engage teenagers in the sustainability movement.

My interview starts out with fairly typical questions about what sustainability is and why it matters to business, I was interested in the turn that the questions took towards the end, exploring some of my favorite topics related to how to balance shareholder value and the broader good and how often the needs of the shareholder are defined by much shorter term goals than the needs of a community.  One question I particularly enjoyed answering was on how companies are experts at influencing behavior and how companies can bring together disparate groups to advance sustainability goals.

While I’m always happy to be interviewed to advance the discussion about sustainability and corporate responsibility, I’m particularly pleased in this case, since The Blue Marble’s target audience is schools teachers and administrators and their extended community.  If we can help teachers get today’s kids, tweens, teenagers, and the next generation of adults thinking about issues of sustainability and responsibility from the outset, imagine what they might be able to accomplish in government, civil society, and business in the future.

To read the full interview click here and turn to page 64.

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