BT’s 2012 Better Future Report

Our 2012 CSR/sustainability report was released today. It is titled our Better Future Report, covers the period to March 31 2012  and represents over a decade of combined social and environmental reporting by BT, archived here.  The full 2012 report suite consists of an executive summary and comprehensive online report,  together with CR and sustainability content in our Annual Report and Accounts.

Some elements of the report that stand out for me;

The world is facing some major long term challenges and we are in the process of developing some new goals to reflect those challenges and the role of BT in addressing them.  The process started with adding ‘being a responsible and sustainable business leader’ to our strategic priorities last year.  The 2012 report commits us to unveiling some bold long term goals in the coming year.  You might anticipate that the structure of the report hints at the direction of those goals.

In recent years our executive summary was designed for print and a limited number of hard copies were produced.  This year, while it can be printed out, the executive summary has been designed to be read on screen. You will also see increased integration of social media.

Our online report follows the same framework as our executive summary, but contains considerably more quantitative and qualitative information about our programs. As in previous years, you can use our framework, search by terms, or view the whole report categorized against GRI, UN Global Compact or ISO 26000 frameworks.

We continue to match our CR and sustainability key indicators with related financial indicators.

As part of our changes in governance, the 2012 Better Future report contains the last report from our Leadership Advisory Panel. The panel has met for a number of years under the chairmanship of Jonathan Porritt and provided extremely valuable and frank input to the company. I, personally, had the pleasure of interacting with members of the panel last year. They provided me with very valuable and appropriately challenging counsel on the sustainability content in BT’s 2011 Annual Report and Accounts.

I hope you enjoy reading the executive summary and dipping into the main online report.   Please do leave a comment here on CSRPerspective, on the BT Better Future blog,  twitter, email or use this feedback page.

I plan to tweet in the coming days highlighting interesting content within the online report. Follow #BetterFuture for the latest tweets.

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