As One Chapter Closes, Why Not Read a Few More? CSR Perspective in an Ebook

I recently took on a new role at BT heading up our environmental sustainability strategy under the title of a program called Net Good; more about that another time.

The change has been an opportunity to take stock of what I have done with CSR Perspective over the four years I have been both writing my own posts and inviting guest posts.   Looking back I have identified some common themes and with a bit of retrospective thought, I like to think I even have a hierarchy and some logical progression.  Because of the nature of a blog, these themes and progression are hard to identify.  So, with a little help from some friends, I have selected some of my favorite posts and put them together into an e-book. I am seeing this as a close to the first phase of the CSR Perspective while I decide how I am going to take it forward.

I start with a collection of posts that address the question of what are CSR and sustainability.      I then explore in turn the role of the corporation and the role of the practitioner before moving on to my favorite subject ‘Ratings, Rankings, Metrics and Returns’.   I cover a broad scope in the ‘Stakeholders’ chapter, followed by some ICT sector specific issues, and finish with some personal perspectives.

I have included in the e-book a number of guest posts that I feel bring a much broader perspective than I am able to alone.

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Take a look and let me know what you think of the e-book in a comment below.


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