Employee Engagement Rules! Why Employees Are the Best Force for Change

Last week I delivered a presentation on BT’s Better Future programme at Georgetown University. My thanks to my friend and colleague Harriet Hentges who invited me in!   As always, I found it invigorating to present to a class of students, particularly students with experience under their belts.   The questions and comments that came during the session were challenging and thought provoking.    But I was sent an email from one of the students after the event that made me stop and think through where I should focus my efforts in order to best effect change.

As I see it, sustainable behavior …

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Guest Post: Dial 192 for Shuttle Bus Success

Andrew Cassy is the travel plan manager, and sustainability champion for BT’s largest site at Adastral Park, near Ipswich in the east of England. Adastral Park is headquarters for BT Innovate and Design working alongside other IT companies. A few weeks ago we were talking about BT’s various CSR initiatives and Andrew told me about his successful introduction of a commercially viable courtesy railway shuttle bus service ‘192’ to cover the 8 miles between the railway station and site, serving both the business traveler and public commuter needs.  I was struck by the component of employee engagement and also social

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Police or Release: How to Foster Employee Engagement in a Sustainable Culture

In September the National Employee Education Foundation (NEEF) and the GreenBiz Group released a report on how businesses can foster sustainable practices in business by empowering employees.

Companies such as BT, Proctor and Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberley-Clark, and Cisco Systems participated in the research and development of the report by contributing their experiences on creating innovative tools for employee engagement.

The report identified 5 key steps that companies should incorporate into their workplaces to promote and foster a culture of sustainability and generously credited me with help in developing the model. The first two steps came from a model …

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Making the Commitment: Horses for Courses

Here are some closing thoughts on this series of posts from my BT colleagues in the USA who have in incorporated renewable energy into their home life.

Everyone has made a significant commitment (and all leave me feeling that I need to do more!), but what is most notable is that the commitments are different. In my mind, and knowing some of the individuals, the different approaches suit their particular interests and passions.

Joe and Robert have made significant up front financial commitments to be amongst the first people (in the grand scheme of things) to have installed solar PV …

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Making the Commitment: Powered by Vegetable Oil

The previous posts in this series have focused on solar PV and electric vehicles. For this last post  I wanted to show that there are other ways to participate actively in sustainability and have always been inspired by Doug Allen, a colleague at BT, who runs his car on used vegetable oil.

By Doug Allen, Quality Assurance Manager, BT Operate

I have been running a car on used vegetable oil for about five years.  I had wanted to drive a more environmentally friendly vehicle, but I wasn’t ready to spend $30,000 on a Prius.  I was intrigued when a friend …

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Making the Commitment: Rural Power

By Paul Frappollo, Senior Network Developer, BT Innovate and Design

I’ve been interested in alternative energy applications for a long time now.  Six years ago, in 2005, I started with prototype system and have even taken classes at my local community college to learn about codes and how residential electrical systems are installed.

My first prototype was a modest enterprise, a single wind generator that fed a bank of six volt batteries and generated enough energy to power a single fluorescent fixture and outlet.  During this period, the cost of solar panels dropped from $4/watt to $1/watt making solar power …

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Making the Committment: The Sunny Side of Solar

Courtesy of Google Images

By Robert J Feuerstein, Ph.D., Principal Architect: Transmission and Synchronisation Networks, BT Innovate and Design, Transport Platform, Infrastructure Platform Cluster

We live in Boulder, Co, a rather sunny spot with good solar irradiance. We had been considering solar panels for a few years. The incentives from the local utility, the federal tax breaks and finally BT’s rebate program with Sunpower made the decision an easy one.

The 24 panels with a peak power rating of 5.5kW have been up almost two years now. We generate more electricity than we use over a year.

The highest power …

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Making the Commitment: Solar Makes Math Cents

By Joseph Vaughn-Perling, Specialist, Design, Development and Consultancy, BT Americas

The BT Solar initiative was just the pinch I needed to incent me to do the math with the current prices on solar panels, incentives, interest rates, etc.

As an efficiency enthusiast, the economics of it were very compelling.  As it turned out, the solar panels paid for them self in the first month after installation.

In my situation it was a perfect storm.  I had some roof work to do, needed to refinance my home loan to take advantage of better interest rates and have a high energy …

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Making the Commitment Series: Running on the Sun

By Philippe Bellevin,  Strategy and Business Development for BT Americas

Phillipe Bellevin and his PV/EV combination was already lined up for the first post in the “Making the Commitment” series. Then last week Phillipe was runner up in the BT Chairman’s Award Winners 2011 in CSR Supporter of the Year category. You can see Phillipe tell his story on video here and read his additional insights below.

After a year of considering solar panels and BT’s employee discount program, we took the plunge.  The reason why? The possible availability of mass market electric vehicles.

The corporate program through BT …

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Making the Commitment

A couple of years ago we launched a solar program for our US employees to help them consider solar PV at home.  Interest has been significant, with lots of people attending webinars and learning about solar.

Actual take up has been low as it is a big investment, but what has struck me is the level of enthusiasm amongst those people who have installed solar through our partnership with Sunpower and for people who have done it independently.

Over the next couple of days I will be sharing a few short blog posts from colleagues in BT in the USA …

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