CSRPerspective Is Taking a Break

After biweekly updates for a three year period through 2013, I haven’t managed to update CSRPerspective for well over a year.  Today, on the eve of joining WRI as Global Director of the Business Center I think that the time has come to admit to myself that I am not likely to be finding my way back to it in the near future.   I hope that you find that some of the perspectives here that are still relevant.  Meanwhile I will focus on becoming established in my new role and keep in the back of my mind how much …

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A Busy Week

I have struggled to keep fresh posts on my blog for the last couple of weeks.  Not for lack of things I want to write about, but because I have been attending some really inspiring events and been involved in a couple of related articles that took up my writing energy.

Last week I attended the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit in New York “Architects of a Better World”. It was an inspiring event. Ban Ki-Moon provided the opening remarks on the second day of the summit and was presented with the results of the UNGC Accenture CEO Study on

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Looking For a New Challenge, Or Know Someone Who Is ?

The BT Net Good Team is Hiring


I am so often approached by people wanting to move within the field and have thus far not  been able to offer more than words of advice. At last I have the pleasure of expanding the Net Good team in BT. Partly in response to the demands of the business and partly in response to the insights we gained at our BT Better Future Stakeholder forum as a result of which we committed to taking a leading role in promoting the concept of Net Positive.

I have two posts, both full time and in London.  The posts are different …

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The Evolution of an Idea: From Four Dimensions to Net Good

Back in February 2009 I wrote a blog post on the Four Dimensions of Sustainability in which I proposed a four part framework for planning and reviewing the sustainability impacts and actions of a company.

  • Direct Impact – emissions due to the energy consumed by the company (directly or indirectly) to carry out its activities.
  • Products In Use – emissions due to the energy consumption of a company’s products and/or services once in the hands of the user.
  • Enabled Impact – impact that a company’s products and/or services have on the energy consumption and emissions of the entity that utilizes the product other than
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When the CEO Moves On

What I didn’t mention in my last post on the launch of Net Good was that the very morning after the main launch event, our CEO Ian Livingston and Net Good keynote speaker, announced that he was leaving BT.

I am sure all sustainability practitioners can imagine what a wonderful feeling it is to have a video of the CEO saying “it is no longer enough for companies to do less bad with regards to the environment. They now need to do net good.”    Worth its weight in conflict free diamonds for employee engagement, for business motivation and for building …

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Can Consumers Incite Change? My Thoughts on a Key Question

Can consumers actually motivate the companies they do business with to change their behaviour to support sustainable goals and outcomes?   This is one of the fundamental questions for CSR practitioners and a topic we weren’t afraid to tackle at the recent BT Better Future Forum.

At the event we had the opportunity to gather an incredible group of people together to dive into this topic – including Dame Ellen MacArthur, Lord Michael Hastings, and Climate Group CEO, Mark Kenber – which produced lively debate and inspired me to write up my thoughts for Business Green.

Below, is an excerpt …

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Sharing the (Net) Good News

I’ve taken a lot of pride in our Net Good launch programme; it’s always gratifying when months (years) of thought and planning come together.  What’s even more gratifying is when others recognize the work in which you’re engaged as worthy of coverage.  The Net Good launch received some great coverage on social media, in the CSR press as well as the sector media.

One of my favourite quotes about the event recognized not only the Net Good programme, but also BT’s overall commitment to sustainable business.  Alex Blackburne, writing in Blue & Green Tomorrow, put Net Good …

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The Anatomy of a Launch: BT’s Net Good Programme Goes Live

We have just completed the last part of the launch of BT’s Net Good programme. It has been quite a whirlwind for me and many others working on it.

The first step was a formal external launch event at the Royal Society for the Arts building in London on June 18th, in partnership with The Climate Group who had helped us with stakeholder engagement as we developed Net Good. The day commenced with a media briefing, followed with a platform event in front of a physical audience of about 130 invited guests and streamed live. Our CEO Ian …

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A Kaleidoscope of Corporate Responsibility on a Page

The front page of last week’s Washington Post is an executive tour of the landscape of issues in the world of trust and corporate responsibility. Three of the four headline stories cover issues that are directly relevant to our field.

“Regimes’ Web tool made in the USA” describes the apparent discovery that equipment made by Blue Coat – a leading provider of Web security and management (a company that I’ve blogged about previously ) has been used by autocratic states to censor web sites and monitor the communications of dissidents. Similarly to  how companies are increasingly held accountable for activities …

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Net Good At-A-Glance

As the readers of this blog know, BT has been focused on reducing its environmental impact and from this effort, NetGood was born. I’ve been blogging about our report, methodology and event for the past few weeks.  For those of you interested in a graphical representation, here is an infographic that The Climate Group helped us create to explain the approach .


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