Making the Commitment Series: Running on the Sun

By Philippe Bellevin,  Strategy and Business Development for BT Americas

Phillipe Bellevin and his PV/EV combination was already lined up for the first post in the “Making the Commitment” series. Then last week Phillipe was runner up in the BT Chairman’s Award Winners 2011 in CSR Supporter of the Year category. You can see Phillipe tell his story on video here and read his additional insights below.

After a year of considering solar panels and BT’s employee discount program, we took the plunge.  The reason why? The possible availability of mass market electric vehicles.

The corporate program through BT …

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Making the Commitment

A couple of years ago we launched a solar program for our US employees to help them consider solar PV at home.  Interest has been significant, with lots of people attending webinars and learning about solar.

Actual take up has been low as it is a big investment, but what has struck me is the level of enthusiasm amongst those people who have installed solar through our partnership with Sunpower and for people who have done it independently.

Over the next couple of days I will be sharing a few short blog posts from colleagues in BT in the USA …

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